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What is the role of the TDU or utility?

While retail electric providers like Direct Energy supply the power to the regional power grid, your transmission and distribution utility (TDU) delivers the electricity that flows into your home. The TDU is responsible for power outages and repairs. If a storm blows down a power line or a car hits a utility pole, your utility still fixes the problem and restores your power.

Your utility continues to be responsible for:

  • Delivery of electricity to all users in their service area
  • Reliability and safety of the electricity distribution system.
  • Maintenance of the electricity poles and wires
  • Meter readings and maintenance
  • Providing customer services related to the electricity distribution system such as cable locations and 24-hour emergency service
  • Connecting and disconnecting the customer’s property to the electricity distribution system

If you have questions about electric generation billing or other issues related to generation, please call Direct Energy.

See more information on payment assistance. You can also contact Direct Energy’s Customer Care Center toll-free at 1-888-305-3828.

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What is an ESI ID?

ESI stands for “electrical service identifier.” An ESI ID number is the physical address where you receive your electricity. In order to actually track the electricity used by your house, electric companies use a special meter identification number to know exactly the amount of electricity you used.

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