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If you're staying home, here's what you should do

  • Monitor the radio or television for weather conditions.
  • Do not go outside, even if the storm appears to have subsided. The calm or "eye" of the storm can pass quickly, leaving you outside when strong winds resume.
  • Stay away from all windows and exterior doors and seek shelter in a bathroom or basement. Bathtubs can provide some shelter if you cover yourself with plywood or other materials.
  • Evacuate to a shelter or a neighbor's home if your home is damaged or if you are instructed to do so by emergency personnel.
  • If power is lost, turn off all major appliances to reduce the chances of damage of a power surge.
  • Do not handle electrical equipment and do not use the telephone except in an emergency.
Important Information

Keep this important info on hand throughout the hurricane season.

> Hurricane Tool Kit
> Emergency Numbers

Hurricane 101 Tip - Regardless of whether you stay or leave, it is important to unplug appliances and electronics and remove a/c fuses to avoid damage caused by power surges when lines and power are restored.

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