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NOAA Expects Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season

An "active to extremely active" hurricane season is expected for the Atlantic Basin this year according to the seasonal outlook issued by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center - a division of the National Weather Service. As with every hurricane season, this outlook underscores the importance of having a hurricane preparedness plan in place.

Across the entire Atlantic Basin for the six-month season, which begins June 1, NOAA is projecting a 70% probability of 14 to 23 named storms with winds of 39 mph of higher occurring. Out of those storms, 8 to 14 could be a Category 1 or higher. Then, 3 to 7 of those could turn into major hurricanes. (Category 3, 4, or 5)

Category Wind Speed(mph) Damage
1 74 - 95 Very dangerous winds will produce some damage
2 96 - 110 Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage
3 111 - 130 Devastating damage will occur
4 131 - 155 Catastrophic damage will occur
5 > 155 Catastrophic damage will occur

2012 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Names

For more information, visit:

Alberto Leslie
Beryl Michael
Chris Nadine
Debby Oscar
Ernesto Patty
Florence Rafael
Gordon Sandy
Helene Tony
Isaac Valerie
Joyce William
Important Information

Keep this important info on hand throughout the hurricane season.

> Hurricane Tool Kit
> Emergency Numbers

 Did you know?
Hurricane & Tropical Storm

A hurricane and a tropical storm have their own symbols.

Storms that originate in the Pacific Ocean are called typhoons.

Remember!! If you see a fallen electrical wire, stay away!

Always keep drinks away from electrical things because you could get a shock.


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